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Cutting Horse Challenge

The Run For A Million


In 2024 the $200,000 Cutting Horse Challenge brings some of the┬áNational Cutting Horse Association’s┬ábest riders and horses to go head-to-head, one go, for lucrative prize money and awards.

Qualified Riders

Adan Banuelos

Weatherford, Texas

Monty Buntin

Lincoln, California

Michael Cooper

Weatherford, Texas

Lloyd Cox

Marietta, Oklahoma

Wesley Galyean

Claremore, Oklahoma

Jesse Lennox

Weatherford, Texas

Matt Miller

Poolville, Texas

James Payne

Overbrook, Oklahoma

Kenny Platt

Fort Lupton, Colorado

Grant Setnicka

Grandview, Texas

Austin Shepard

Summerdale, Alabama

Cade Shepard

Summerdale, Alabama

Russ Westfall

Grandbury, Texas

The Run For A Million is the richest event in the history of reining and the most exciting and thrilling new event in cow horse and cutting.